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Tips For Moving Out Of Your Property

1 What happens when I am about to move out?

Once you’ve let us know you are moving out, on either a periodic lease or fixed term lease, and we have agreed on a date we need to advertise and rent the property. We will work with you through this process and ask for your cooperation in return. We‘ll arrange property viewings in consultation with you and a Stable representative will always be present.

2 What do I need to do for the final inspection?

A final inspection will be booked for the first working day after you have moved out – you are more than welcome to be present. Just let us know so we can arrange this with you. At the final inspection we are looking to see that you have left the property in spotless condition: it’s a good idea to use the entry condition report you got at the start of your tenancy to make sure everything is just the same. We’ll provide you with a final inspection checklist that details exactly what’s required. Minimal fuss.

3 How do I get my bond back?

Once the final inspection has been completed, and we are happy with how the property has been left, we’ll get this processed as soon as possible. We can’t action anything unless all people who originally signed the bond lodgement have signed the refund form. You can give this to your portfolio manager at the final inspection or drop it into the office.

4 Is your fixed term tenancy coming to an end?

Prior to your fixed term tenancy coming to an end we'll be in touch to find out what your intentions are. If you plan to renew your lease we'll negotiate new terms and post or email out a new lease for you to sign and send back. If your planning on moving out we'll start advertising your property and send you out a final inspection guide.

5 Fixed term tenancy?

When you sign a fixed term tenancy you are legally responsible for the lease until the expiry date. On a fixed term tenancy you can't give notice to vacate as this type of tenancy has an end date. If your circumstances change and you have to move out please contact us as soon as you know. We will advise the property owner, and at their discretion, they may let you find new tenants to replace yourselves. An administration fee would apply. 

6 Periodic lease?

On a periodic tenancy you can give us 21 days' notice in writing of your intention to vacate - an email is absolutely fine. Once we've received your notice we'll start advertising you property and send out your end of lease details. Simple.
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