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Let’s get your rental property working for you!

The Stable team knows the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa and Kāpiti property markets inside out. We offer a range of rental and property management services, with a round-the-clock focus on minimising downtime, maximising returns and ensuring that your property is in safe hands and good condition.

Our service is supported by state-of-the-art technology and property-management software, so we always have the information we need to manage your property when and where we need it.

Rental property management – it’s what we do

When you work with Stable, you can be confident of exceptional service from the best in the business – whether we’re screening and securing tenants, undertaking inspections, responding to call-outs or maintaining your property to retain its investment value.

We have experience and qualifications

Combined, the Stable team has over 30 years’ experience. All property managers know the Residential Tenancy Act (1986) (RTA) back-to-front and everyone stays up-to-date with current Government Legislation. All Property Managers have also completed the L4 NZ Certificate in Residential Property Management. That means we know not only what we’re doing, but how to do it properly and to the highest standards.

We’re your on-the-spot representative

Stable’s expertise extends from Wellington to the Hutt Valley, Wairarapa and the Kāpiti Coast. Wherever your investment property may be, we’ll keep a close eye on it, manage the day-to-day risks and responsibilities on your behalf, and keep you updated and informed.

We’re here to make your investment work for you

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to maximise the return on your property investment, including offering suggestions to improve the property and enhance its appeal to the tenancy market.

What about fees?

Our fees are fair while also reflecting our commitment and the level of service we provide. We have some standard rates, and can also tailor fees to suit specific requirements or budget expectations. Ask us about them: we’re not shy of having a commercially focused conversation. 

It’s rental property management the way it should be

Take a look at our services:

7 Switching you from another agency

It’s easy to switch to Stable – we’ll take care of the whole process for you.

We’ll contact your existing property manager, arrange to exchange your property’s keys, files and lease documentation, and co-ordinate the changeover. We’ll introduce ourselves to your tenants and reorganise your rent payments, and organise the transfer of bond.

8 Making it official

At our first meeting we’ll discuss the services you’re looking for, those we can provide and any other matters you’d like us to cover. If you like what you hear, we’ll ask you to sign a Residential Property Management Agreement. This gives us the authority to act on your behalf and sets out our mutual obligations and our service standards.

9 Appraising your investment property

We’ll apply our knowledge of the property rental markets in Wellington, the Hutt Valley, Wairarapa and the Kāpiti Coast to set a rental price that is reflective of the market and delivers value for your investment while not being so high that the property sits empty.

10 Showcasing your property

Working with you, we’ll advertise your rental property through online property channels, including our website and facebook account. We schedule viewings so we get to meet each candidate personally and establish a rapport from the get go.  If the property sits empty in the meantime, we’ll check it every couple of days which will keep your insurance on the empty property valid.

11 Vetting and negotiating with applicants

Every prospective tenant completes and signs an application form which is legally verified and adheres with the Privacy Act.  We follow this up with reference checks (including verbal checks with the applicant’s previous landlord and current employer) and credit and criminal record checks.

If an applicant doesn’t have a rental or credit history in New Zealand, we’ll apply our professional experience to making the decision and, if you wish, consult you as part of the process.

12 Arranging the tenancy contract

Every selected tenant is required to sign our comprehensive, multi-step lease agreement, which complies with the Residential Tenancies Act (1986) . This lease agreement is underwritten by Tenancy Practice Services; a national body that ensures this contract complies with Government  legislation. On signing the lease candidates must accept responsibility for paying a bond and rent in advance.

Before the tenant moves in, we’ll photograph your rental property and any chattels you’ve included and make sure the property is rent ready and legally compliant, inside and out. We’ll give the tenant an ‘Entry Condition Report’ when they collect the key to the property, so that we’re all on the same page and there are no grounds for miscommunication later on.

Leases are typically for a year, although this can depend on your rental property and your requirements.

13 Monitoring rent payments

Tenants are required to pay their rent every fortnight by automatic payment into our non-interest-bearing trust account, and the rent is paid to you fortnightly. Rents are reconciled every day.

14 Inspecting and reporting

We’ll inspect your rental property every 12-16 weeks, using intelligent technology to provide you with a detailed report (including photographs) on the property’s condition and how it’s being lived in. This inspection allows you to see the property in its true condition along with commentary that matches the photos.

15 Keeping you up to date

We’ll send you monthly statements and regular reports on your rental property, and are always available to answer questions, give advice or simply catch up. You’ll also have password-protected access to your account information, via the online portal on our website, whenever and wherever you like.

16 Managing maintenance

We have a team of highly skilled trades people that we’ve built a relationship with and trust over many years, and can assure you of cost effective, outstanding service, including 24-hour availability for unexpected problems.

17 Managing tenancy renewals, changes and cancellations

When a tenancy period comes to end, we’ll contact you to discuss the rental market, the likely financial returns and the best strategy for you and your property.

  • If the tenant would like to stay, we’ll discuss any changes you’d like to make and what their needs are – and, all going well, renew their lease with any new terms.
  • If the tenant plans to move on, we’ll let you know and rent the property again as soon as we can to minimise any downtime. We’ll remind the current tenant that their tenancy agreement has instructions on how the property should be presented for a final inspection. They’ll only get their bond back if we’re 100% satisfied that everything’s in order.

The Stable Service Guarantee

We’re so confident about the quality of our property management service that we guarantee it. If we fail to meet the service standards in our agreement with you, the next three months’ management fees will be on the house.

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