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Tenants Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do I rent a property through Stable?

When you have viewed a property you want to rent you can either download an application from our website or get one from the agent who showed you the house, flat or apartment available for rent. It’s a great idea to have completed the application form before attending the property viewing, so if you like the property, you can save time by giving your application to the Stable agent then and there. Nice and efficient. 

2 What credit and reference checks are done before I can rent one of your houses?

Every application for a rental property received by Stable is credit and reference checked. Our obligation to our owners of a rental properties  is that we carry out due diligence on every candidate. Typically, a reference check will include confirming your employment and previous landlord details (including rental history) and checking your Tenant Information New Zealand (TINZ) credit history and score.

3 How will I know if I have been offered the rental property?

Once all candidate checks are completed, we'll call you to see if you still want to rent the property. We like to get onto this quick smart so no one is left waiting – we understand you need to organise your lives too. If you do still want to rent the property we will email you (and any others signing the lease with you) an offer (which is binding) and then arrange a time for you to sign the lease. Easy

5 What is a bond and what does it cover?

A ‘bond’ is an upfront payment (a maximum of 4 weeks' rent) payable to a landlord or property agent before a tenancy of a rental property  starts. It acts much like a security or guarantee. The bond is paid to us and we lodge it with tenancy services division of the Dept of Building and Housing. You’ll receive verification that the payment has been lodged about a month after your tenancy starts and we organise for it to be refunded to you once your tenancy has ended. If there is any outstanding rent or damage to the property this is taken out of the bond and the balance is then paid to you.

6 Do I need insurance?

It really is a good idea to make sure you have good contents insurance at your rental property. This will protect you but make sure your insurer has ‘tenant liability’ coverage. Although the house is insured by the owner its best to safeguard yourself, and your personal contents, too. Oh, and don‘t forget to tell the insurance company that the property is managed by a professional property management company.

7 What is a tenancy agreement?

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract that sets out your obligations as a tenant. It's nothing to be worried about but it is a document you need to understand, so, if you have any questions on the finer details all you need to do it ask your property manager. Once the tenancy agreement is signed you get a copy for your records and we keep one too.

9 Do I get a move in inspection report?

Yes. Before you move into your rental property, we will have compiled a document called an Entry Condition Report. This records the condition of the property just before you move in. Plenty of photos are taken so we’re all on the same page. It’s a good idea to check this through thoroughly before you start unpacking. 

10 What happens if I lock myself out?

During business hours, we’ll happily help you get back in. We will charge a call out fee if we have to come out to the address. If you lock yourself out of your rental property after hours you’ll need to call a locksmith. In some circumstances we will come out after hours but an after hours call out fee will be charged.

11 How many keys do I get?

You get one set of keys per leaseholder. If you want more sets we will happily arrange for this and provide them at your cost. We need to know how many keys are in circulation and like to have a photograph of the key so we know we have them all back once you’ve moved out. If you lose your keys there is a replacement charge of $25.00 per key.

12 What do I do if I need something fixed at my rental property?

No worries. All you need to do is complete a maintenance request and submit it. If we need additional information we’ll give you a call. We will coordinate with the tradesperson, arrange access, and get the job done. If the maintenance request is urgent (as in will cause damage to the property or compromise your quality of living) give us a call and we’ll get onto to it straight away.

13 How often do you carry out rental inspections?

We carry out inspections of your rental house, flat or apartment every 12-16 weeks. This is the benchmark across our industry. We’ll give you plenty of warning and always leave our card so you know we’ve been. When we carry out inspections we look at the general cleanliness and tidiness of the property, check the gardens and lawns are in shape and also look for maintenance issues. This is a good time for you to let us know if anything needs fixing and it's also an opportunity for us to see what future maintenance needs to be planned for. This isn’t a check up on you so to speak – it's more about us making sure the property is up to scratch.
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