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Stable Property Management Blog

This blog is based on common themes we have running through our office. Topics will vary from discussing market trends to questions we've had from our clients that we think are worthwhile sharing. Happy reading...

Rental Property WOF's

Recently Stable Property was invited by LawFuel to comment on the current hot topic of 'rental property WOF's'. Here's the link to the published article:   building wofs and 5 things good landlords…
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LawFuel & Stable

Lawfuel, which is NZ's leading Legal and Legal industry commentator, has asked to pair with Stable Property and use us as their credible source for all Property Management news and knowledge. Click to…
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Great Inspections

Well Jenna's had baby Logan so I've been out conducting 2014's first cycle of inspections for her. Its been so enjoyable getting out and seeing this portion of our portfolio again. I'm pleased…
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