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Stable Property Management Blog

This blog is based on common themes we have running through our office. Topics will vary from discussing market trends to questions we've had from our clients that we think are worthwhile sharing. Happy reading...

Legislation change: One month to go…

On 1 July, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act will come into effect. This means: • landlords will be required to have certified smoke alarms in key areas of their properties • landlords…
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February leasing season update:

I can’t believe we’re already in Feb. January flew passed in a whirlwind of renting properties – it’s been brilliant! This 2016 leasing season has been incredibly successful.…
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Summer leasing season update:

Happy New Year! Well, Jenna and I knew that it would be busy but we didn’t expect it to be so soon. Usually, the first and second weekends in January are reasonably quiet. People are still on…
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Why people choose to rent.

For many people renting is a choice. This could be for multiple reasons from not wanting to have the ties/responsibilities that owning a property demands to life, career and economics simply not making…
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