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Why people choose to rent.

For many people renting is a choice. This could be for multiple reasons from not wanting to have the ties/responsibilities that owning a property demands to life, career and economics simply not making ownership a good option for them.

Inside Stable’s portfolio we have a considerable proportion of what we call ‘professional renters’ - professionals who choose to rent as it suits their lifestyle. With jobs being more mobile, and costs of owning a home on the rise, renting can be a great fit. We also see people in their 30s and 40s, perhaps who have had a relationship breakdown, choosing to rent with colleagues and/or friends. They can rent a quality property, in their chosen location, without the ongoing worry of managing a property and paying for maintenance.

This is excellent for us, and the general rental industry too, is it means there are many good quality tenants out there to choose from.

Merry Christmas everyone - wishing you all a safe holiday season.


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