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To pet or not to pet that is the question

We are often presented with candidates applying to rent a property who have a pet cat or dog.

At Stable Property we have adopted a ‘case by case’ approach. The first thing we consider is “Is the property able to support having a pet?” Of course we wouldn’t put a St Bernard in a studio flat. But, we would consider it if there is plenty of outside space and the property is fenced.

For a cat we have to consider if there is a cat door. And, whether the candidate applying is prepared to put one in and take it out when they vacate. There’s always a solution. When carrying out tenant reference checks you can always carry out a pet reference too. It might sound odd but if they’ve been living in a flat the referee is bound to give you the heads up on how the pet behaved.

We find that, in the properties we have rented to pet owners, the tenants appear to realise they are in a privileged position because they can have their ‘ beloved’ with them. They often stay longer and look after the place better.

If a pet is to live in one of our properties we minimise problems by setting out a pet clause in the tenancy agreement which covers commercial cleaning, including the carpets, at the end of the tenancy so that the next people coming don’t have lingering odours and if they have allergies then this isn’t a problem either.

Ultimately though, we consult with our clients as the overall decision rests with you.


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