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Rental Property 'WOF'?

When we purchase a car or buy a house we get them checked out. Don't we?...
When we purchase a car or buy a house we get them checked out. Don't we? So, why not when we look at renting a house, or putting our house to market for rent, wouldn't it make sense to have a 'WOF' for a rental property? A clean bill of health.

This is currently a hot topic across the Wellington residential property management market.  With Wellington's recent seismic activity we're experiencing an increase in questions relating to the dwelling meeting earthquake code - especially apartments.  Any concerns can and are swiftly negated just by having the right information on hand. Well, this is what we're finding at Stable.  

The same could be offered for renters wanting to know if a house is leaky, has mould problems, what insulation, and, how effective the heating is. Especially now that we are going to see longer term professional renters - a result of our Banks changed lending criteria.  

Wellington's mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, has backed the idea of a 'rental WOF' -, as has Housing Minister Nick Smith. However, property owners I've spoken to are treading cautiously on this one, but, think it could be a good way to raise the standard of rental accommodation and ensure that landlords are keeping up with necessary maintenance. Therefore, improving standards of living across rental accommodation.

In these times where renting can be a life long prospect for some do you think a proposed 'rental WOF' - for protection of both the owner, tenant and the asset - could be a viable option?  At Stable - property matters we'll be keeping an eye on this topic and keep you informed if this bill comes to pass. 

What's your thoughts on this?


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