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Happy tenants means happy rental means happy you

It still amazes me how some people still think that tenants are ‘second-class citizens’ and treat them as such.

When I am out showing a property I hear the people’s stories about being treated badly by a property management company. It’s safe to say I would hate it if one of our tenants reported to another company negatively about us.

When we are showing we aren’t the only ones gauging whether the viewer will be a good tenant or not. They are also gauging us to see if we are going to treat them well. Typical questions can range from “If the washing machine breaks down how long will you take to repair it?” to “What notice period do you give for inspections?”

I think the biggest grievance among tenants is maintenance not being done - or, taking a long time to ‘get around to’. We have a 24-hour turnaround clause with our tradespeople. Small jobs need to be completed within this timeframe or the tenants contacted about bigger ones so they know that something is happening.

The tenants are always very grateful for this and in turn thank us by keeping us in the picture if any additional maintenance is required. This of course means that we are fulfilling our obligations to the client, by managing their property effectively and keeping on top of general maintenance.

Although it can be a thorn in the side, having to deal with maintenance is part and parcel of being an investor. It keeps the tenants happy and it keeps you happy as your investment will be retaining and increasing its value.


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